• Marie Thomas

WWDD? — Ways to keep fun in the office

If you have ever come in for a visit to the shop you know that we like to keep it fun around here.

We work hard so we play hard! Here are some of the ideas that David uses to keep the fun in the office!

FOOD: There seems to always be some sort of reference to food on these lists. It is definitely one of the things that bring the happy dance to most of us in the office. Sometimes David orders lunch for us, sometimes we all come together with a potluck. One thing that always happens is we have a lot of laughs!

MUSIC: We all have different music tastes but we always can find music for all of us to groove to!

STORIES: Coming together to share stories and just chat! We share stories about our kids, our wild pasts and just the silliness that happens in our lives.

KEEPING POLITICS AT BAY: This is just a general rule because politic conversations can get out of hand sometimes.

Are there some ideas you like to use to keep fun in your office?