WWDD? — Ways to Decompress From the Difficulties of Work Life

Let's be honest: Whether you are working from home, or going into work, the current COVID-19 pandemic has probably changed the way you work more than ever expected. This new disease only added to the strong emotions that we already experience on a daily basis with our work lives. These new emotions and stressful situations can affect your workplace, community, personal well-being, and even the well-being of the people you care most about. So at the end of the day--or perhaps your day off--how can you decompress from all of that built-up pressure and stress? What Would David Do?

1. Find a local fishing hole and spend some time by the water. Even if I don't catch anything, watching the water move is soothing. You might also see some "interesting boaters" heading back, which makes it entertaining at times.

2. Lock myself in my office and play some video games. You might be surprises to learn that the average Gamer is 32 years old (even higher among women), and that 65% of working adults play video games. I'm no exception. I may not be very good, but it keeps my mind off of reality at times--admittedly, sometimes too long. We all need to practice some form of escapism.

3. Work out. I used to work out often, which is something I need to get back to once the COVID-19 days become a little more controlled. Days seemed to go a lot better after a workout in the morning.

4. Have a couple of drinks with friends and neighbors. Definitely a good way to let the hair down. With the pandemic requiring careful consideration of social distancing and health guidelines, maybe a bit of creativity is in order. Have a drink with friends over FaceTime/Zoom calls. Break out the lawn chairs and sit 6-ft away, which is still more than enough for pleasant conversation.

What are some of the ways you decompress from work life?