WWDD? — Staying Positive as a Business Owner during Covid19

Over the last few weeks (months... shoot we are loosing track around here) it has been hard to remain positive with all that has been hitting us. It has been particularly hard for small business owners. Many have had to close down all together, are barely opening up or have had to completely change how they operate overnight... and all of them have tried pushing through every new development that has come for business owners.

Our owner, David, always puts out good vibes and energy in our office. So I thought I would share his top 5 ways to stay positive and upbeat!

FAMILY — Stepping away from work and hanging out with the family. Cramming on the couch to watch movies, going for a walk around the neighborhood or just playing with the kids. They are the best at making you slow down and smell the roses, and once you have that recharge you are able to get back to business with more energy.

MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS/SOCIAL MEDIA — Getting online and following people that motivate you with their messages! Sometimes you need someone else to tell you... YOU CAN DO IT!

FISHING — Now, all of us are not fishermen, but this has been one thing that has always been a way for David to recharge and calm the world around him. I prefer shooting hoops, yoga or bike rides along the river... so what we are saying is find an activity that helps you to keep yourself sane.

TREATS — Now this one encompasses many things... Good food (we love some good food around the shop!), desserts (when has anyone ever been sad with ice cream or chocolate?) or even a nice cold beer or glass of wine (or whatever your drink of choice is).

MUSIC — This is one practice that both David and I share. Give me some good music and my whole mood will change. More often than not you will catch me pulling up in my car with the music blaring because my favorite way to decompress is some loud music and an open road!

What are some of the ways you keep positive when it seems the world is nothing but negative? Let us know in the comments below!