WWDD? — 3 Favorite Summer Dinners with the Family

For David, family is a HUGE part of his life. Food... a close second (LOL).

We decided that this would be a good time to see what different kind of culinary treats he likes to enjoy with his family during these hot Sacramento summers.

Here are his top 3:

BBQ: This means pretty much anything on the grill but David likes to throw down with some pork skewers (Filipino style, of course), smoked brisket (I've had this... and YUM!!!!!) and BBQ chicken.

STREET TACOS: I mean, who doesn't love street tacos?!?! Everyone can make it their way and no one looks at you crazy for eating 12 of them!

FRUIT: Yes, this isn't really a dinner, but it can be in David's house. Especially for his youngest who could probably eat half a watermelon by herself.

Some of the rest of us around the shop chimed in with some of our favorites too:

- Burgers! Just like the street taco it can be made to order and there are rarely leftovers.

- Nice cold beer. Wait... can that be considered dinner? (LOL)

- Pizza, delivered! No cooking in a hot kitchen.

What are some of your favorites?