Tips to Design Direct Mail and Attract More Leads

Direct mail isn’t dead; it’s actually quite the opposite right now. This traditional marketing technique has seemed to regain a lot of popularity recently due to its nature and overall pote

ntial. Whether you are planning an automated direct mail campaign or are sending out direct mail postcards, the main aim is to attract some qualified leads.

Paying attention to the design of your mail is the best way to leave an impression on your audience and make your message standout amongst the rest of their mailing.

Here are a few effective tips to design direct mail for more leads.

Form a Catchy Headline

The headline of a message aims to grab customer attention amongst bulks of other messages. People are bombarded with heaps of marketing information, making it hard for them to concentrate on a particular brand.

However, a focused and compelling headline and message can help you cut through the clutter. So, when designing mail, make sure that you include an attention-grabbing and powerful headline that tells your story and puts out your offer to the audience. One thing you need to ensure is that your headline is short, simple and easy to read!

Pay Attention to Simplifying Your Content

People have shorter attention spans that they did before. This makes it quite difficult to ensure that they go through your entire message and understand everything. This is why it is important for you to do everything in your power to make sure that the audience is interested in reading your mail.

Including subheadings in your text will help guide the reader throughout. You will need to ensure that these subheadings highlight your most important points. When designing the content of your message, be clear and precise, while avoiding the use of jargons to make it more understandable for your audience.

Include Your Offer

When designing the content of your direct mail, don’t forget to include your offer! In this case, clarity is key. You need to ensure that your offer stands out and is compelling enough for your audience to remember what you’re selling. Oftentimes, marketers get quite carried away by other aspects of direct mail that they forget to pay attention to main aspect – the product or service being offered.

Include a Call-to-Action

Every business has different reasons for sending out direct mail. While some want to inform customers, others want their audience to take immediate action. The point is that every piece of direct mail has a purpose, which must be immediately understood by the audience, and the only way to ensure that your audience does what you want, is to make it easy and obvious for them.

For instance, if you want them to contact you via phone calls, make sure your number is highlight. Similarly, if you want them to reach out to you by emails, make sure you mention your email address. You need to ensure that your call-to-action is super-clear so that your audience knows what to do next.

Paying attention to the text and content of direct mail is as important as or even more important than the visuals. Incorporating the above-mentioned tips to design direct mail in your marketing campaign will definitely help you generate more leads!