Repositioning Your Direct Mail Strategy for 2021


face it, the world will never be the same again, and neither will marketing! We’re going into the New Year with the threat of the pandemic still hanging over our heads. All the marketing plans you made for 2020 were probably thrown out the window, but you need not worry. You can still pick up the pieces and salvage your direct mail plan for 2021 with just a few tweaks here and there!

With most countries still under lockdown, it will be a while before businesses start to pick up again. This isn’t good for marketing like normal or becoming aggressive towards pushing your message towards your audience. Direct mail provides you with the opportunity to be focused on your audience, tailoring messages that are relevant to them while being smart and empathetic.

So, if you’re planning to scrap your direct marketing strategy and dim your marketing efforts, don’t! Here are a few tips that can help you with an effective direct mail plan for 2021.

Cut Costs Carefully

Not just the current pandemic, but when faced with any crisis, shutting off all your marketing spells a recipe for disaster! The key to maintaining business success is to constantly keep your brand in front of your customers, informing them of the products and services you’re offering. Direct mail is a great way to do that! However, sometimes direct mail can be a little costly, so it’s understandable that you want to cut back on your costs.

Whether profitable or not, remember to not cut back on your marketing efforts, but to cut down on additional costs instead. Rather than completely halting your direct mail plan, switch to a light paper for printing to reduce costs. While this may not have much of a marketing impact, it can help save a lot of money on your campaigns.

Segment Your Data

Data is the key to direct mail marketing. However, to make your direct mail plan worthwhile, the data you use should be reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. Once you obtain this data, only then will you be able to focus on the audience segments that are most relevant for your business, and will provide optimal return on investment (ROI)

Also, don’t forget to keep a check on your geographical segments, considering that the pandemic is still causing shutdowns throughout the countries. Therefore, depending on your business, you might have to pause on your direct mail for a while until the worst of the crisis passes away in that specific area.

Help Your Audience

Your audience probably feels like you right now. The entire world has been challenged with a situation that hasn’t been witnessed by them. Many people are scared and sad due to the massive impact that this outbreak has had on everyone. So, as a business, what can you do meaningfully to alleviate the concerns of your audience?

First, you need to take a step back. Instead of going all in by adopting aggressive marketing strategies, focus on building awareness for your brand by providing your audience with helpful content. Try to connect with your audience, informing them that you know and understand their struggles. Also, show your audience how you are contributing to your community or cause.

Secondly, focus on your offers that can help address the current concerns of your audience. Many people and businesses require certain products and services that you may be offering. In that case, you should continue mailing your audience, but remember to adjust your content to make it more empathetic.

These aren’t the best times for anyone, but shutting down your marketing efforts at this point will cause detrimental losses for your business. The best step to take right now is to reposition your marketing strategies, including your direct mail plan for 2021.