PROMO — Vehicle Magnets

Even with all the advancements of social media and online presence, a vehicle magnet is still a popular way to advertise your business, promotion, or temporary event. Turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard with a non-damaging, non-permanent sign.*

Easy to apply and can be swapped quickly and frequently as your promotions come and go. Custom car magnets are a budget-friendly form of effective advertisement and increasing your brand awareness. Grow your customer base while at work, on the move, or even while waiting in the drive-thru for that routine morning coffee.

Vehicle Magnet

$50 each — full color, 24" x 18"

Or Get 2 for only $10 more!

$60 pair — full color, 24" x 12"

Design Pro Tip: Readers will usually only have a few seconds to read all of the information on the magnet. It's best that numbers and logos are crisp, large, and not cluttered. Remember, the purpose is to advertise who you are, what you do, and most importantly, how they can get in touch with you (email or phone number). Keep it simple!

*some vehicles have doors composed of plastic or aluminum panels that may interfere with the application of a magnet. In such cases, consider using 3rd party solutions such as Gripper Mats (unaffiliated).

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