Adjusting Your Political Campaign to Reach More People during COVID-19

A politician standing on a podium
Politician during press conference

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly raised a lot of questions and reservations especially when it comes to political campaigns. Campaigning during this pandemic is a bizarre landscape that has pushed political candidates to find new and innovative ways to interact with their voters and volunteers. Gone are the times when handshakes and high-fives were a great way to bond with the audience.

Moreover, certain elements of a typical election campaign, which have been around forever, such as parades, rallies, town hall meetings and random coffee shop visit, have all been upended with a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Considering all the restrictions during this pandemic, political candidates have to look for other ways to get their message out. Here are some mediums candidates can use for the political campaign during the COVID-19.



Direct mail is one of the best and most effective medium you can use to deliver your message to your respective audience. This communication medium has been used for years and continues to serve its purpose properly. One of the biggest pros of using direct mail is that it can be adjusted according to various budgets. Moreover, considering the modern data targeting techniques, direct mail is a rather specific and precise medium as you can send your message to specific targeted voters.

The only thing you need to focus on when sending out direct mail is your design and the political message. Your content should be very carefully curated towards your audience so that you can woo them easily. Moreover, even though direct mail doesn’t come with any metrics, it still proves to be quite effective.



Just like direct mail, print ads have been around forever. Prints ads typically have the potential to reach out to a massive audience. However, this largely depends on the publication you choose to publish in. The bigger the publication, the better it will be for you and your campaign.

Print ads for political campaigns aren’t always a good idea though. This especially applies to those political candidates who don’t have specific strategic values behind them. Moreover, one big con of print advertising for political campaigns is that you cannot really track conversions.



Running ads on television is one of the oldest and most common ways of political campaign advertising. It has been around for decades to help spread your message. Advertising through television is an effective way to communicate with your audience as you can captivate them by engaging them with both sight and sound. Moreover, it also helps you cater to a larger audience.

However, using television as a source of political advertising comes with its own set of cons. Currently, televisions only offer rather limited targeted technology. So, there are high chances that most of the people who will see your ad will be outside your district. Moreover, since television advertising is the most expensive medium of them all, this will be a huge waste of money.


Arranging and running a political campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an easy job. However, what you can do is use multiple mediums to achieve your goals!