Incorporating Technology into Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

There’s no denying that digital advancements have transformed the marketing world substantially. However, there are still a few traditional marketing tools, such as direct mail, that are as much in demand as they were years ago.

Direct mail marketing campaigns have proven to be effective when it comes to influencing consumer buying decisions, which is why companies are investing more and more in direct mail.

Since direct mail can be touched and felt physically, it offers a whole different experience in this digital world, helping customers remember the product and brand more fondly. Moreover, this great marketing tool can also be taken to a whole new level by incorporating technology in it.

By utilizing the power of technology and streamlining the process of creating direct mail marketing campaigns, companies can help improve various functions, such as personalization, planning, tracking, and executing.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at whyincorporating technology in direct mail marketingis a good idea!

Manage Your Workflow

Technology, such as cloud-based software and solutions, makes it easier and more efficient to manage data in comparison to traditional spreadsheets. Cloud- based solutions automate the process by enabling easy access to data from anywhere and at any time.

Large files and heavy spreadsheet data can be easily transferred onto an automatic cloud system for storage. By incorporating a cloud-based software in your direct mail marketing campaign, not only will you be able to manage the workflow, but you will also be able to track the progress of your campaign.

Customize Mail

Technology has made it extremely easy and convenient to customize mail by personalizing it according to every customer or potential prospect. Dynamic content enables companies to send out personalized mailers, according to their age, gender, location, personal preferences, etc. This can help increase the response rate immensely. The best part about it is that technology automates the entire process so much that there is no effort required from marketers.

Establish Effective Communication

It is imperative for all marketers to be aware of the best time to communicate with their audience. Incorporating technology in direct mail marketing helps create a trigger-based mailing system. This system allows businesses to create, print, and send mail out to customers based on certain events. For instance, you can launch a targeted direct mail campaign right before a big event, such as Thanksgiving, to promote your sale. This will be far more effective than sending out random email that will only end up in the junk folder.

Measure and Optimize the Process

Since printed materials are physical, they require proper management. It requires a lot of team effort and communication that can become pretty daunting. An automated direct mailing system allows you to track and optimize the process effortlessly. You can just incorporate QR codes into your mail to track them and see whether they have reached the customer or are in transit.


The main objective of every direct mail marketing campaign isn’t to just send out a printed copy to customers, but to get a response from them. The traditional practices used in this effective marketing tool can often be very difficult and time-consuming. However, by incorporating technology in direct mail marketing, you can create highly-targeted, responsive and easily trackable campaign.