How to use Direct Mail to Market Home-Based Businesses

Most people who set up their business at home think that handing out flyers is the only way t

o market their products and services through direct mail. This, however, is not true. There are several effective ways to use direct mail to promote home-based businesses. Direct mail is a less popular means of advertising, but it is still an effective way to reach out to potential customers. We have discussed some of the direct mailing methods below.

Send a Catalog of Products and Services

Let your potential customers know what you have to offer by sending out a list of products and services through a catalog. You can use different types of deals or promotional offers to encourage people to avail of your services.

Promotional Discounts

Instead of simply sending out a list of services that you offer or products you sell, you can include special deals or discounted offers. For example, you can offer a certain percentage of discounts to first-time customers.

Gift Sharing

In order to promote your home-based business, you can send your prospects some small gift items, through which they can easily remember you. For example, handing out a desk calendar or a notebook with your business’ name on it is a great way to attract customers. Keep in mind, though, that whatever you send should reflect your business positively, and the customer should want to keep it. Sending them clutter that they don’t want will lead them to chuck your gift (and your business recommendation) right out the window.

Reminder Messages

It is okay to follow up or check in on your customers every once in a while in order to remind them about your business. For example, if you sent out survey forms and have not heard back from your customers, you can send out a gentle reminder.


People love receiving free samples before buying a product. As long as it is cost-effective, you can send out samples to customers, or you can offer a couple of free sessions regarding the type of services you have to offer.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The Call to Action is an important tool for direct mail marketing. The purpose here is to engage the target customer for an immediate response. You can use different words or phrases within the marketing material to compel the audience to act in a specific way. For example, adding the words ‘try for free’ in one of your catalogs will push the customer to try the product.

Make it Memorable

Try to add an emotional appeal or a humorous anecdote to the message you want to send out. Even if it in the form of direct mail, you can still catch the attention of the potential customer and make them remember your brand.

Direct mail marketing is an effective means of advertising and promoting home-based businesses. Depending on the type of business, direct mail can also have a wider target audience reach compared to other forms of marketing. If you launch a well thought out direct mail campaign, it can have a powerful influence on new as well as existing customers.