A Complete Guide to Direct Mail Marketing for Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing is one of the very few traditional marketing mediums that is as alive as ever. Even in this era of digitization, it has managed to secure its position as one of the most effective channels for marketing.

If you are planning to grow your small business through direct mail, here is everything you need to know about it:

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing constitutes any physical correspondence that you send to your existing or potential customers to gain their attention and pull them towards your business. Direct mail can be in the form of brochures, mailers, pamphlets, etc., and are typically accompanied by a small note that will make your customer pay attention to the package.

When sending out direct mailers, you need to ensure that they are well-designed and include your business name and logo, call-to-action (CTA) and contact information for customers to reach out to you.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Useful?

Considering that the entire world has gone digital, many people wonder if traditional marketing sources are still relevant. Well, think of it this way: In a world where everyone is so focused on digital mediums, doing something different like traditional marketing may give you the edge you need!

According to a 2017 survey, direct mail campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI) in comparison to both paid search and online ads. There are many reasons why direct mail marketing is relevant and useful.

  • It is interactive.

  • It is memorable.

  • It has a wide demographic.

  • It is creative and unique.

  • It offers a competitive edge to businesses.

How Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Just like any other marketing medium, launching a direct mail marketing campaign entails certain steps.

  1. Define your goals

  2. Know your audience

  3. Create your mailing list

  4. Decide on a CTA

  5. Decide on a format

  6. Design your mail

  7. Send your mail

Successful Direct Mail Marketing For Small Businesses

Tailoring a successful direct mail marketing campaign isn’t an easy task; there are many factors you need to focus on. For instance, you need to tailor the content of your message in such a way that it is easy for the recipient to truly understand and act on it.

Here are some tips for successful direct mail marketing for small businesses.

Go Over Your Mailing List

Whether you are sending out flyers, brochures, letters, postcards, catalogues, or any other form of direct mail, it is imperative to ensure that the mail piece ends up in the right hands. To make sure that this happens, you need to go over your database and see if it includes the right people (your target market only).

Make a Good Impression

When sending out direct mail, you need to make sure that your piece makes a good first impression on your target audience and grabs their attention. If your target market finds your piece boring, they won’t bother making any purchase from you.

Keep the Message Simple

Keep your message concise and simple. Don’t overfill it with information, but make sure that you cover all your bases in the best way possible.

Have a Great Offer

As important as it is to offer your audience something attractive to look at, that’s not all they need! You need to include a great offer in your mail that will entice your target market to come towards your brand.


Creating a direct mail marketing campaign, especially for a small business, requires a lot of time, work and effort. If you do plan on opting for direct mail, make sure to follow the above guidelines to woo your audience!