5 Ways to Combine Direct Mail and Social Media For Marketing

In the current digital era, a majority of consumers engage with various marketing channels on a daily basis. This is why rather than focusing on only one marketing channel, businesses and brands should advertise and communicate across multiple channels.

In fact, a research study revealed that businesses that use omni-channel (multiple channels) marketing platforms can retain about 91% more customers than brands that don’t.

So, while direct mail and social media marketing are poles apart from one another, integrating them to form a cohesive strategy can be an effective move towards a successful marketing campaign. You can capitalize on the emotional and tangible aspects of direct mail, and the high engagement and targeting of social media.

1. Generate Buzz on Social Media about Your Direct Mail Offer

Social media is great for creating hype. Whether it’s a person, object, video, or picture, leave it on social media to spread the news like wildfire. If you are planning to initiate a direct mail campaign, you might want to start by working on a social media campaign alongside to get people excited about your mail shortly before it goes out.

You can also run a split test before rolling out your mail. You can compare the results after sending out mailers to those who have witnessed your social media post and those who haven't.

2. Post Direct Mail Ads to Social Media Sites

If you have designed your advertisement for direct mail, then you can share it on social media to enhance your brand visibility and get more views. Even though direct mail and social media are completely different marketing channels, they still share the same copy and design rules.

3. Include Social Media Icons in Your Mail

Incorporating social media icons, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter logos, on your direct mail can help encourage shares, giving your direct mail campaign a massive boost. Your direct mail can even go viral if this strategy is executed properly along with a social media sharing incentive.

An easy way to divert your customers towards your social media platforms is to create QR codes for your postcards by adopting a creative approach. Your customers or potential prospects will just simply have to scan these codes that will take them directly to your destination.

4. Use Your Targeted Mailing Lists for Facebook Ads

Targeted mailing lists are extremely specific as they are tailored exactly according to your target market. You can get even closer to your audience by using these target mailing lists to expand your social media platforms by running hyper-targeted social media adverts.

5. Create More Targeted Direct Mail Lists with Social Media

You can use social media ads to get your prospects to reach a certain landing page, where you can give them the incentive to share their mailing address. Once you get their address, you can send a mailer that has a similar look to your Facebook ad to gain the advantages of cross-channel branding.


Even though direct mail and social media marketing exist in diverse worlds, print and digital media, they can still be used together to optimize your overall marketing strategy at every stage.