5 Traditional Marketing Tools That Still Work


hough digital marketing has been dominating the current marketing arena, traditional marketing still remains alive and thriving. For many businesses, various traditional marketing methods still hold a lot of value and relevance. While these marketing strategies are pretty great on their own, they work even better when merged with digital marketing platforms.

So, without further ado, here are some traditional marketing tools you can incorporate into your business’ marketing strategy:

1 Direct Mail

Direct mail has picked up the pace, leaving email marketing behind in terms of attaining audience attention. Not only is direct mail creative, but it is also highly customizable, helping target a particular audience. This traditional marketing tool is much easier to understand and holds significant power when it comes to influencing readers. Direct mail also promotes high brand recall compared to other marketing tools while encouraging faster response rates.

2 Signage

Signage comprises photos that are framed, lighted and put up in the dark. This traditional marketing tool has been around for years and is still going strong. For instance, it has moved from walls to mobile taxis in order to ensure that it reaches a wider audience. Moreover, signage is easy to use and can be installed anywhere, including malls, buildings, shops, etc.

3 Billboards

Billboards are huge handpainted or printed images that are commonly found on the streets and roads. This traditional marketing tool is still quite popular and is employed by various businesses due to the fact that it uses limited text and more images to grab customer attention.

The compelling images used in billboards encourage brand awareness and brand recall. Moreover, many marketers suggest that these large signs won’t go obsolete any time soon due to their massive reach across social classes and geographical boundaries.

4 Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are still quite handy. They can especially work for brick and mortar establishments and shops in the streets or malls. While brochures are most informative and aim at educating the audience, flyers are a preferred option for promoting special discounts. No matter how pointless it may seem, you can’t underestimate the power of handouts in bringing new growth opportunities for your business.

5 Print Ads

Print media isn’t dying, but it is merely evolving. Digital media and technology have only pushed print media to become more distinctive and different. Since newspapers and magazines are easily accessible on digital mediums through cellphones and laptops, it could very well be a boon for print ads.

Final Word

The main objective of any business is to reach out to customers and sell their products or services. Just like no amount of brilliant marketing can sell a bad product, the reverse is quite true as well. Marketing is a form of art that gets its value from traditional techniques since this is the way it has always been done. From baby boomers to the Gen-X and Gen-Y, traditional marketing covers a whole lot of ground and continues to gain more.