5 Direct Mail Strategies that Actually Work

The purpose of developing a marketing campaign is to spread the word about your business and increase your ROI. However, every marketing campaign requires a set of proper strategies that can set it up for success. The same applies to direct mail.

Many direct mail strategies can put up direct mail campaigns on the path to success. If you’re wondering which of these strategies is the best, we have a few that can work for any business.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best direct mail strategies that actually work.

1 Use the 40/40/20 Rule

This is the golden rule that can set any direct mail marketing campaign on the path to success. The 40/40/20 rule divides and prioritizes three main elements of any direct mail campaign - 40% audience, 40% offer, and 20% creative.

This implies that 40% percent of the success of your direct mail campaign depends onfinding your ideal target market and audience, 40% depends on the offer that you include for your audience in your direct mail copy, and the remaining 20% depends on the creativity and aesthetics of your copy in terms of images, text, graphics, format, etc.

2 Try Postcards

You might be aware of the myriad of formats that you can use as your direct mail, from catalogs to flyers and posters, and most importantly – postcards. Postcards are considered as a leading mailing format that outperforms any other direct mail materials. This is mainly because postcards tend to have a greater impact and better impression on your audience in comparison to other mediums. So, instead of mailing your audience flyers, leaflets, catalogs, and posters, make the best out of postcards!

3 Benefit From 3D Direct Mailers

Another great way to get your direct mail campaign the success it needs is by utilizing 3-dimensional mailers rather than traditional mediums. 3D mails are quite an attractive and engaging medium. Even though they are around 50% more costly than standard mails, they have shown to perform 250% better. This shows that using 3D mailers is an effective and cost-effective way to increase the ROI of a direct mail marketing campaign.

4 Invest in Better Envelopes

Another strategy that can help make your direct mail campaign successful is designing high-quality envelopes. Envelopes are mainly meant for functional purposes, specifically to hold content inside them. However, if you create envelopes with a creative touch and that includes a well-tailored marketing message on them, it will increase the chances of your target audience actually opening and checking the mail.

5 Create Personalized Materials

The best part about direct mail is that it is highly personalized. Since you have mailing lists of your target audience based on different factors such as their location, age, gender, income group, etc., you have a better idea about your target market. This helps you tailor your direct mail exactly according to the needs of your potential customers. There are high chances of an impersonal direct mailer to be thrown away, but customize your mail by adding a personal touch will increase the likelihood of your audience to go through your mail.

The above-listed direct mail strategies are quite easy to implement and they also ensure increased chances of success of your direct mail campaign!