4 Reasons Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

A huge misconception circling around the marketing block is that direct mail is a redundant marketing medium. During the current tech-savvy and digital era, it’s no surprise that many traditional marketing mediums have taken a massive hit, but direct mail is still very much alive!

While a growing number of marketers are moving towards digital sources, it’s safe to assume that the digital space will become more crowded and cluttered. This will give way to print media to provide businesses and brands with the unique opportunity to stand out in terms of targeting their audience.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why direct mail is still worth the investment.

1. Direct Mail is Budget-Friendly

Direct mail is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to market your brand or business. Spending on many other forms of print and offline media has been declining steadily. For instance, the spending on newspaper and magazine advertisements has taken a massive hit. However, direct mail continues to flourish with a number of businesses increasing their spending. The average money spent on direct mailing in 2015 was $45.7 billion, just secondary to spend on TV advertisements, which was around 70.6 billion.

2. Direct Mail Allows Customization

One of the biggest reasons that make direct mail an effective form of offline marketing is its potential for customization. Direct mail allows you to engage your customers and prospective clients in the most memorable way possible. Businesses can tailor and personalize their message exactly according to the likings of their target audience.

3. Direct Mail Stands Out

A growing number of businesses are leaning towards purely online sources to market their brand. Mediums such as email marketing, social media, and online ads have become increasingly popular, cluttering up the digital space. Considering this cutthroat competition, direct mail provides business with a unique opportunity to stand out in the market. This doesn’t mean that you have to use direct mail alone; you can incorporate it with other marketing strategies to reap maximum benefits.

4. Direct Mail Has Physical Presence

Customers are bombarded with an overload of advertising messages through digital mediums. This only makes it harder for them to pay attention to a single message. Direct mail, on the other hand, is tangible, making it unique to cut through all the clutter and make its way to a consumer, unlike online interactions.

Wrapping Up

Direct mail is still one of the most popular traditional marketing mediums. Like the overall marketing landscape, direct mail marketing has also transformed over time, but in a good way. With all the technology available in today’s era, businesses have the opportunity to use advanced design and printing technologies to help in greater customization and faster production. Moreover, even if you’re using online marketing mediums, incorporating direct mail in your strategy could further boost your overall performance.