5 Tips for Creating the Best Business Card

We may be in a digital age, but there is no doubt that having a well-produced business card is essential for any business owner. You’ve probably been handed hundreds of business cards throughout your career, but you’ve probably only really saved a few. Sure, the card is only as good as the person giving it away, but wouldn’t you rather start off with a strong impression? Check out these these tips and tricks to make sure that your card isn’t forgotten.

1. Keep it Clean

A business card should provide only the most essential information. Usually this consists of your name, job title, phone number, and email address. Think carefully before cluttering your business card with extraneous information. You’ll always want to provide more information, but if the person receiving your card wants to work with you, he or she will likely get everything from future communication.

2. Use Good Material

For someone who gives and receives a lot of business cards, there is nothing worse than someone handing you a flimsy piece of paper and expecting you to remember it fondly. There are tons of card stock options, so don’t assume that the default will be up to your expectations. Find one that suits you or your business’s needs and personality.

3. Stand Out

Gone are the days when everybody hands out the same white background/black font business card and expects the same results. The more memorable your card is, the more likely you are to generate new business. On average, prospects will keep a color card 10 times longer than a standard card. Include your logo and similar elements from your website to convey that you run a smooth, cohesive operation.

4. Get a Proof Print

Often times, a card will look and feel very different in your hands than it did on the computer screen. (Hint: using CYMK colors while designing instead of RGB will ensure that the colors you choose will print exactly how you intend them to). It’s always worth getting an idea of what you’re going to be giving away before getting stuck with 500 mistakes.

5. Don’t Skimp

Remember, times may be changing but business cards still serve the same purpose that they always have - this is how people are going to remember you. Let’s be honest, they’re going to be a small percentage of your expenses and you’re going to print in large quantities. This isn’t the time to pinch pennies. Cheap card stock and runny ink will make for a poor impression.